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Do not shop from this dealer. He takes you money and will not deliver the furniture.

I paid him for our furniture 2 months ago and I am still waiting. He has all kinds of excuses and issues. Other than getting your furniture to you. Do not trust this man I am out $2000.00 and doubt I will ever see my furniture or my money ever again.

He advertises on craigs list. BEWARE!

Here is a list of his info. Ritch Rosenblum, Wright Stuff Furnishings. Cell 310-279-7158 e-mail online at

This guy is evil.

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Beware of dealings with Ritch Rosenblum.

It's been 6 weeks and no communication. He called me once after 1 month of waiting and said he was having issues with the manufacturer and may be going out of business.

I call daily. No response at all!

Luckliy he cashed my check so I have that as evidence for small claims ourt. However by the looks of things I'll be waiting in line.

If I do get the furniture I will write back and let you know.


Ritch Rosenblum is a ripoff, he just takes the money, never returns phone calls, makes lame excuses

Wallace, North Carolina, United States #6648

This posting is accurate.Stay away from Ritch Rosenblum and Wright Stuff Furnishings.

He will lie and give you excuses and string you along.

And when you hold him to his word he will can get irate and swear at you to intimidate you.Also search "Ritch Rosenblum" for more negative postings and warnings.

If you have been swindled by Ritch please contact:

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